Monthly Subscription Box FAQs

When and where will I get my subscription boxes?
Your first box will be ready on the next Saturday after your order is placed. After that, your box will be ready each month on the day of the month that you started your subscription. For example, if you start your subscription on June 7, it will be ready again on July 7, August 7 and so on.

A few days prior to the date, we'll send you an email letting you know what is in your monthly box. At this point, you can request any substitutions, and we'll make every effort to accommodate them based on equal value and availability. In the email, we'll provide you with options for days and times when your order can be picked up or delivered to you for no extra charge.

What items will be included in each box?
The contents of your box will change each month to allow you to try new products while still enjoying all your favorites. When you subscribe, you’ll receive an email asking you to select your three favorite products, as well as noting any products you do not want. Not everyone is a scrapple person. We get it. Once we have your feedback, we will make every effort to include at least two of your favorites each month, while avoiding items you don’t want.

How much will I save?
You are guaranteed to save between 10% and 20% off the total price each month. Because the exact products vary each month, the savings will also vary. 

How will I be billed?
The credit card you provide will be billed automatically each month on the same day of the month that your subscription was started. When you subscribe, you’ll create a password and receive an email with a link to our Customer Portal. In the portal, you’ll be able to manage your subscription and see all upcoming invoice dates.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
Of course. There is no commitment and you can cancel your subscription in the Customer Portal at any time.

Have more questions?
No problem. Send us an email at, and we’ll get you the answers you need!