Pastured Chicken Sampler

Pastured Chicken Sampler

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Enjoy tender, juicy and protein-packed chicken in all your favorite cuts. The Pastured Chicken Sampler gives you a chance to try it all, with two packages of every cut. Ready to enjoy with your favorite seasonings and recipes!

What's in the Bundle?
Boneless Breasts (2 packages of 2 breasts each)
Wings (2 packages of 4 wings each)
Drumsticks (2 packages of 4 drumsticks each)
Thighs (2 packages of 4 thighs each)
Tenders (2 packages of 6 tenders each)

How We Raise Your Food
Cornish Cross Chicken
Raised on Pasture with Fresh Grass Each Day
Fed Locally Sourced, Non-GMO Grains
No Antibiotics
No Steroids or Growth Stimulants

When You Check Out:
You'll be given the option to select a date and time for Store Pickup on our farm or at the Waldorf Farmers Market (Saturdays). You can also choose Local Delivery to your home (within 25 miles of the farm). Note that local delivery is an additional $5and available for orders of $20 or more.