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Minas Gerais is Brazil’s principal agricultural state, and the Cerrado is home to many of the country’s most established coffee estates, with expertise in planting, harvesting, drying, and sorting. Cerrado coffee farms are cultivated in areas with elevations varying between 800 and 1,300 meters and are known for consistently producing high quality coffees with a repeatable profile. 

Get ready for a complex, smooth and sweet cup that does well in multiple brew methods. For Filter Coffee, 6 Planes recommends a brewing ratio between 1:15 and 1:17 (for example: 1 gram of coffee to 15g of water) and a brewing temperature of 205-207°F.  Adjust your grind for a 3-3.5 minute brew time.  Remember, this is just a guide to get you started!

Great for Drip, Americano, cold brew or milk-based espresso drinks.

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: 1100 masl

Varieties: Catuai

Process: Natural 

Roast: Lighter side of Medium

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