Farm Shop Vendor Spotlight: Dicot Farm

When we began making plans to open a small store on our farm, some of the first people we spoke to about joining us were Erik and Meghan from Dicot Farm in Waldorf, where they produce amazing, certified organic vegetables.

We got to know them over the summer at the Waldorf Farmers Market. We’d chat before the market or after it, but rarely during it because the line of folks getting their veggies from Dicot was usually a long one. They were always busy.

Meghan from Dicot Farm

Aside from being incredibly nice people, they are also extremely passionate about raising healthy, nutrient-dense foods — and raising them in a way that restores the land and creates a sustainable ecosystem.

We’ll also have a selection of seasonal vegetables from Dicot Farm available in our Farm Shop when we open on Saturday.

Starting today, you can order their lettuce mix, spicy salad mix and spinach on the Bowling Green Farm website for pickup at our Farm Shop and even home delivery!

And from May through November, our farm will be a weekly pickup spot for Dicot Farm’s CSA subscribers. Meghan will be at our Farm Shop for the opening on Saturday answering any questions you might have about their farm, their vegetables or their CSA program.

Here are 3 Things to Know about Dicot Farm:

1. Their CSA Program is Amazing

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Think of it as investing in a local farm. You subscribe over the winter and, from spring through fall, you reap the rewards by enjoying a steady supply of the freshest vegetables as soon as they are harvested. 

Erik from Dicot Farm

You can choose weekly or bi-weekly. And each CSA share includes 6 to 8 items to take your meals to the next level. 

A sample share in the summer could include cherry tomatoes, eggplant, okra, summer squash, cucumbers, pea shoots, basil and sweet peppers.

A sample share in the fall or spring could include pea shoots, lettuce, hakurei turnips, purple daikon radishes, kale, green onions, spinach and a basil seedling.

Get more details and subscribe on their website now

(We’ve already subscribed!)

2. Their Farming Philosophy is Inspirational

On their website, this is how Erik and Meghan describe what they’ve set out to do at Dicot Farm:

Dicot Farm

Our goal is to provide nutrient-dense foods to our neighbors to help them become healthier and happier, and create a more equitable and engaged community.

It’s simple and admirable, and they’re backing it up every day. They’re focused on enhancing soil fertility, increasing biodiversity and tapping into renewable natural resources to grow their wide selection of organic vegetables.

Our national food system is built on large corporate farm operations supplying massive grocery store chains. Meanwhile, Dicot Farm is showing that local farms can maximize their resources, thrive on small acreage and feed their communities with the healthiest, best-tasting food you can imagine.

3. Their Customers Love Them

Since starting their farm in 2014, the operation has grown steadily. From spring to fall, in addition to the CSA, they sell at the Waldorf Farmers Market, the Greenbelt Farmers Market and Foggy Bottom FRESHFARM Market.

Dicot Farm

They’ve developed a strong group of consistent customers at each of those spots. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The super freshness of the vegetables is amazing. Eating in cycle with the seasons provides a connection to nature that is lost with year-round access to imported produce.” – CSA Member

“Your spinach is the best!” – Farmers Market Customer

“My husband, who never ate greens or veggies, learned to love and enjoy all.” – CSA Member


We’re looking forward to working with Dicot Farm this year, and we can’t wait for you to try their delicious vegetables!