Special Visitor Shows Us How a Little Good News Goes a Long Way

A cool story to share from this weekend ... 

It actually starts back in the spring shortly after the pandemic began, when Beth was interviewed on one of the first episodes of Lily Love's Good News. Beth told Lily about the food that our farm and our customers were donating to the food pantry at LifeStyles of Maryland.

A few days later, actor John Krasinski’s Some Good News show shared Lily’s post about the episode on social media. Suddenly, people all around the world were watching the video, and online food donations came in from as far away as New Zealand.

We were grateful for each and every one of them. 

One woman from a nearby state saw the interview and emailed to ask what items would be preferred. Then she made an online donation. 

And she just kept donating.

Purely out of kindness, generosity and caring for those in need wherever they may be, she has donated food regularly for the last eight months to help feed people she has never met, in a place that is several hours from where she lives.

We’ve kept in touch with her via email throughout that time. She happened to be passing through the area on Saturday and stopped by the farm for a visit. We had an awesome time talking with her and giving her and her gorgeous, curious dog a tour of the farm.

And she got to take home some of our naturally raised pork and chicken, so she can finally try for herself the food that she’s been selflessly donating to feed the hungry. 

She asked to remain anonymous but encouraged us to share her story. Because it’s a great story that deserves to be told. And, as Lily says, we should spread the good news. It can go a long way.